My Poetry:




                                                            "I AM"
                      I am human, layers of flesh
                      upon bone.
                     I am mortal, this breathing
                     temple is my home.
                    I am sole owner to this vessel,
                    and Captain of the ship.
                   I am commander in charge of
                   operations, and all of life's trips.
                  I am not perfect in any capacity,
                  nor have I ever pledged I am.
                 It is said, to err is human, and
                 that's what "I AM".


Carry me out the ocean, where

my drifting thoughts flow free.

Guide them to a far distant land, that

only the mind can see.

There I shall paint a great portrait, of

what this world should be.

A place without senseless wars, and

 human poverty.


Buried deep beneath an old oak tree,
lies a box thats been filled, with
childhood memories.
Three quarters,one ball, and a letter that
I wrote, holds the key to my mementos,
that time can't revoke.                   

                     This is my plea to all nations, please lay down all
                    your weapons and guns.
                    Come sit at our table, lets talk, so the wars, they
                    may be done.
                    Let the vehicle of democracy be our driven force.
                    To serve as an example to your neighbors, and
                    dare to pass the torch.
                    Let it's bright light be your guide, and it's flame
                    what warms your heart.
                    Tell me, Isn't that how World Peace really begins,
                    and Allies seem to start?


"Winters Gig"

Howling winds of winters song, 

blows it's Trumpet all night long.

 In comes a choir all dressed in

white,to join in the magic of cool


Together, they form in it's celebration

.A seasonal gig, of collaboration.

"Poetry at Play"

A poem is but a thought, 
a mere memory caught at play.
One's visions reenacted 
by the passing of each day.
Treasured waking moments 
I've accumulated along the way, 
shall be locked within these pages, 
where they are forever bound to stay.

"Nature's Dance"
I sit ashore this moonlit beach.
Where water, and sand, come to meet. 
As waves crash against the sandy ground, 
together they will dance to natures sound.
One step two steps, onto the shore. 
Then comes back to dance some more. 
This rhythmic view, I've come to glance. 
The life that's found in, Natures dance.



If the body were a tree trunk, the inner rings would then surely begin to reveal the time it has had to mature.

If the heart was an open book, it would then be placed on the New York Times best sellers list, as one of todays best romantic novels ever written.

If the mind was a time capsule, it would then be capable of holding on to every one of lifes precious moments, without ever having the chance of fading away.

Take me to where my
dreams begin.
A sleepy little town where 
the sandman lives.
Gripping my pillow tightly,as
night skies whisk me away.
Deeper and deeper, I'm falling
onto another dream at play.












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