More Poetry:


"The Poet"

Words flow onto paper like rain , forming giant rivers of unseen lands.
The very force guides us along a journey that holds of great adventure.
We are the explorers of the literary world.
We must find the courage to write what others are unable to, with the greatest of passion.
A poet dreams. and then must portray hisvisions upon the page that lies before him.
It is the beauty of all things that inspires us to communicate in such a way.
A man does not wake up one day, and decide to become a poet.
It must live in the very blood that courses through his veins.
He is the creator of a world, only he has known.
He is the actor and director, of all that speaks out through his pen.

He is a man of all men, Visionary of all visionaries.
What you haven't seen, he has.
What you can't say, he can.
For the is the poet.

               Let It Be

Let it be, 
that I may someday touch the  stars.
When all time for me has expired, and the  soul begins to part.
Guide me through the heavens, where life  one day began.
A perfect creation, 
molded right out of
our Fathers loving hands.




 We all must bring our racism

to end A message to all, I long

to send.
The colors of the World
all join as one.
For the Lord is our shepherd,
 and we as his Son.
Christ made all man in the likes
of him.
So please let us all, "End Racism.
  If my body were a tree trunk,
     the inner rings would surely
     begin to reveal the time it  
     has had  to mature.













"Inside of Thee"

I kneel down before the shallow waters, to reveal my own reflection.Just a mere window of the soul, is all that my eye's can be detecting. For what all that I consume, is not all that there is. We must look beneath the visual shell, for that is where we live. Reach deep my friend, and you shall find much more than you conceive. For who or what we may become, exist inside of thee.











Playing the sax with chipmunk cheeks,
boy man, that brass really blows.
Slap me with those screaming beats, that
fills a jazz mans soul.
 "Nights Relect"



 Shadow puppets on the wall.

Dark carbon copies of what a furnished room bares.

Into a black covered mirror, my world reflects.
Showing me things, only the night has to offer.


























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